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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Motherless Mother's Day

Today I woke up wondering what we'd be doing if my mom were still here. We would probably have a bbq over at my parents house and she would chase the boys around, read to them and sing them songs. It is so hard not having her here to know them and to watch them grow. Susie (my aunt) pointed out that little N is now saying ball. Woohoo, his first word! What a coincidence, H's first word was also ball. The little guy loves to play with any ball he can get his hands on. Oh, and also shoes and socks. Hard to believe he is going to one next month!

So Mother's Day is just sort of blaa for me and always will be.

Anyway, I'll end this with a picture of my mom (she was pretty sick here) the day H was born.

I love you Mom. I miss you. Happy Mother's Day...


  1. I'm so sorry. Does it get any easier? Today was my first mother's day and it was also the first mother's day without my mom. She died of cancer two days before my daughter was born in October. I felt guilty the whole day that I had to keep focusing on the happiness with my daughter and husband and not the sadness I felt for missing my mom. I too think every single day how much I wish she were here watching my daughter grow up, wishing she had even met my daughter. It does make for a mixture of feelings, doesn't it?

    I am sorry for your loss but hope you were able to find some beauty in the day. I'm sure your kids made sure of that.

  2. Oh Jamie, I am very sorry for your loss as well. Yes, it does get a bit easier from day to day. Unfortunately though, Mother's Day will always be hard :(

  3. this made me cry. i sent you a text on mother's day and am feeling bad now because i think i sounded all cheery wishing you a happy mother's day. i hope i didn't make you even more sad. i would feel the same as you if it were me. so sorry. :-(